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Even as a kid I enjoyed being seen. My grandfather, Thomas Hill, loved to paint and he shared his love of art with me.  Simple praises for my crayon sketches encouraged me to explore my art.  Throughout my childhood I heard my parents say, "You definitely have your grandfather's talent, David."

It was often my mother who was praising me, but she didn't consider herself an artist.  Instead her sister, Margaret Symmonds gave me my first painting lessons.  From those humble beginnings my high school art teacher, Bea Van Meter continued my training and before long my paintings were winning awards. 

When it was time to choose a career I was afraid of becoming a "starving artist" so I decided to pursue a high-tech career instead.  As my high-tech career flourished, the artist in me truly began to starve. 

Signing up for a portrait painting class led by Bob Gerbracht changed my life.  Bob inspired me to see things in ways I had never seen before.  Over the last decade, I've studied with many talented artists including Bob, Linda Harris, Randy Sexton, Nelson Shanks, Brian Blood, Warren Chang, Sherrie McGraw and David Leffel.  Through their mentoring I have learned the art of painting.

After almost two decades of working in high tech I decided to change careers, and four years ago my wife Barbara and I moved to our beautiful home on the California coast in Pacific Grove.  I've been focusing on my painting ever since.

A few years ago as Alzheimer's was stripping away my mother's memory she was asked to participate in an art class at her adult day center.  My mother had forgotten she wasn't an artist and just picked up a brush and started painting.  She came home all excited, you should have seen the pride on her face as she showed me her artwork.  "I can't wait to show it to Daddy!" she exclaimed.  Of course her father was long gone, but she didn't remember that anymore.  The only thing she knew in that moment was that Jean Hill Lazarony was an artist.  And that day I learned my true artist lineage.

David Lazarony

The Monterey Herald Article about David Lazarony: Self Portrait


David R. Lazarony, Jr.
Born: November 24, 1964

David Lazarony grew up curious.

As a young boy, he was intrigued by the world around him, constantly asking questions and determined to figure out tangible solutions for everyday problems. And after a partial hearing loss at the age of five, he found himself relying more on his acute sense of sight and touch.

While other children were content to sit in front of the television, David challenged himself to build models, write computer programs, and explore his creative genius. And when it was time to choose a career, he was afraid of becoming a "starving artist" so he decided to pursue a high-tech career instead.
Formally trained at The Ohio State University as an electrical engineer, he spent more than a twenty years working in computer graphics and technology, a career that “fed him” with opportunities and successes beyond his wildest dreams.

In 1999, David answered a call from his creative muse. And every week, for more than seven years, David showed up for class, an experience he credits with getting him back into painting, and to a place where he was able to move his art beyond craft to concept.

Painting for him became a form of silent meditation, a way to de-stress from the pressures of a Silicon Valley career, as well as translate his view of the world into a tangible art form through the use of canvas and paint. In 2006, he and his wife Barbara moved to the Monterey Bay area of California, where he committed himself to painting portraits, figures, and landscapes full time.

David is passionate about exploring form, color, and the psychology of a painting, both for himself and for the art observer. He believes that his paintings are the mirrors to the soul; and it’s his strong desire to evoke emotion in others that fuels his creativity. He finds painting from life is a joyful discovery; both the way a color dances and sings, and the way light washes over a form. His paintbrush reveals nature's timeless beauty, whether it is a person or place; all are wonders to behold. 

For David, there is something almost magical in his painting practice. The act of painting has taught him to be present. And by staying present, he can accept his feelings, which can in turn, led him to accept himself. And in accepting himself, he lives a more authentic and elegant life, full of never ending curiosity.

1987   The Ohio State University, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Professional Teachers, Workshop Leaders & Art Mentors:
Brian Blood, Fine Art Workshop
Warren Chang, Fine Art Workshop
Bob Gerbracht, Fine Artist, Master of the Society of Western Artists, 1999-2006
Albert Handel, Fine Art Workshop
Linda Harris, Fine Artist, 2001-2003
Thomas Hill, Painter, Scottish Immigrant and Beloved Grandfather, 1964-1973
David Leffel, Fine Art Workshop
Sherrie McGraw, Fine Art Workshop
Randy Sexton, Fine Art Workshop
Nelson Shanks, Fine Art Workshop
Margaret Symmonds, Elementary Art Teacher and Talented Aunt, 1972-1980
Bea Van Meter, High-School Art Teacher, 1979-1983

2012   Portrait Society of America Members Only Competition
           Awarded 3rd Merit in the Outside the Box Category
           for The Alluring Stranger
2011   Pastel Society of the West Coast
           25rd Annual International Open Exhibition
           Pastel USA Award for Earth
2010   Santa Cruz Art League
           National Figurative Go Figure
           Honorable Mention for Fire
2009   Pastel Society of the West Coast
           23rd Annual International Open Exhibition
           Pastel USA Award for "Well?"

Open Studios, Group Exhibits, and Solo Shows:
2010   Pacific Grove Art Center, Solo Show-Experience Being Seen
2009   Monterey Artists Studio Tour
2007   Monterey Artists Studio Tour
2005   Silicon Valley Open Studios
2005   Pacific Grove Art Center, Solo Show- First Footing
2004   Silicon Valley Open Studios

2010   Newspaper Article:  Self Portrait, artist David Lazarony explores
           the art of Being Seen
by Lisa Crawford Watson 
2010   Book:  The Art of Being Seen by David Lazarony
2005   Book:  First Footing by David Lazarony

Professional Memberships:
Allied Artists of America
California Art Club
Oil Painters of America
Pacific Grove Art Center
Pastel Society of the West Coast
Portrait Society of America
Santa Cruz Art League