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Experience Being Seen
Posing questions about the art of David Lazarony

I am curious, it is part of my human nature. One day while looking at one of my paintings, I felt like the person was looking back at me.  How was that possible?  There really wasn't anyone there.  How could a few strokes of pastel cause me to feel like I was being seen?  Then it occurred to me that I was doing the seeing.  The painting was simply mirroring my experience back to me, in a way I hadn't noticed before.  Then I began to wonder, if I'm doing all this with just a painting, what am I doing when I actually interact with people?  I came to realize that every interaction I have is actually a mirror of my own inner experience.

During the process of creating these paintings, I stayed present to my experiences and tried to express those feelings to you as the viewer.  But your journey to this moment in life has been different than mine and with it you bring your own unique experiences. 

As you look at the paintings, I encourage you to notice how your life is being mirrored back to you. Once you've looked at the paintings, I encourage you to go a little deeper and see what the added questions say to you.  You may be surprised.

I invite you to ask my paintings to be your mirror and to ponder how you:

Experience being witnessed
Experience being vulnerable 
Experience being naked
Experience being one with nature
Experience being seen

David Lazarony


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